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better life icu
  • 24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient.
  • 24 hours’ supervision under guidance of highly trained consultant more than 10 years’ experience in ICU.
  • Central monitoring system.
  • Hi-Tech vital sign monitor for every patient.
  • Invasive & non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring system.
  • Bispectrality Index (BIS) monitoring for assessment of brain activity – brain monitoring.
  • Syringe & infusion pumps for metered medications and accurate volume infusions.
  • Ultramodern ventilator with monitoring facilities to aid patient’s own breathing effort.
  • Instant ABG (arterial blood gas) analysis within ICU.
  • Instant electrolyte assessment within ICU.
  • Portable ventilators – during transportation within the hospital for various purposes like CT scan, MRI etc. we use portable ventilators and also to bring ventilated patients from other hospitals.
  • Portable X-ray machine within ICU.